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Raven Visits New College Swindon

Raven Visits New College Swindon

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Students on the esports course at New College Swindon were treated to a visit from a leading expert in esports apparel, Raven GG.

The Swindon based company, visited the college’s North Star campus to give students on the Esports BTEC National Extended Diploma an insight into the design process, which is a module on the programme.

The collection features a tri-color windbreaker, a heavyweight cotton tee and a skaters hat. Each item features Out Of Favor’s mint color as a contrast to bring the garments alive against the muted black and white fabrics.

Sam Wells, the Managing Director of Raven GG, talked about how he started the business and the process of creating apparel clothing in this industry.

“It was a pleasure to connect Raven with our local college and to be able to support and inspire the next generation of esports talent.

“As a business we really want to be involved with our community and make a difference where possible.”

Sam also answered questions from students and brought in a variety of jerseys for the class to interact with so they could see the high quality of the material, different designs, and logos.

Esports & Business Lecturer, Christopher Baxter, said: “We were fortunate enough to have Raven GG come in and visit our esports students.

“The visit was beneficial not only from understanding how a business operates within the industry, but to provide the students the chance to look at esport jerseys that Raven have designed and use this to help inspire them when creating their own jerseys.”

Chris added: “The students found the visit extremely enjoyable and beneficial, especially because they had been using Raven’s website to design the jerseys. Having them come in and inspire our students was a great experience.”