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Out Of Favor

Out Of Favor

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Making waves on a new collaboration with content creator group, ‘Out Of Favor’.

The Collab

We’ve teamed up with content creators Yo_Boy_Roy, PriesT, Coconut Brah & VarsityGaming and produced a 3 garment collection to celebrate the launch of their creative brand. ‘Out Of Favor’.

The collection was shot on a late summers evening at a beach on the west coast of the UK, we feel each garment is perfect for the approaching fall season and is made to be worn all together as 3 items.

The collection features a tri-color windbreaker, a heavyweight cotton tee and a skaters hat. Each item features Out Of Favor’s mint color as a contrast to bring the garments alive against the muted black and white fabrics.

Out Of Favor Windbreaker

With the Out Of Favor windbreaker we’ve tried to push the boundaries and create a garment that has its own individual construction. From the top, the windbreaker features a quarter zip which has adjustable toggles, both produced in OOF’s mint green which pops out against the black polyester. The OOF logo is positioned on the left chest area and has been embroidered to add an additional texture to the complex garment. On the back we have screenprinted the ‘Out Of Favor’ logo text towards the bottom of the garment.

Out Of Favor Tee

The Out Of Favor T-Shirt uses the same combination of embroidery and print as the windbreaker but we decided to simplify the garments construction so that both items compliment each other well when worn together. The t-shirt is made from a heavyweight black cotton and fits regular or oversized if sizing up. The design of the back print takes inspiration from the style of OOF’s icon mark and uses large strokes to emphasise the boldness of the print.

Out Of Favor Cap

The final item in the collection is the Out Of Favor skater cap, which features a woven label sewn into the front panel of the cap, along with embroidered OOF text either side of the cap. The item is adjustable from the rear by a velcrow fastening so that it can fit comfortably across all shapes and sizes.

Behind the scenes

For each shoot we try to pick a location that works well with the design of each garment. The obvious choice for our collab with Out Of Favor was to play on the theme of the icon ice cream mark and head to the beach for a late summers evening shoot.