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Movember: Join Party Chat

Movember: Join Party Chat

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Break the stigma: providing a place where men can talk

Raven is proud to introduce its unique approach to getting men talking and interacting together in support of a fantastic charity that supports men’s mental health, Movember.

The esports apparel company will be launching a new channel on their Discord, ‘join party chat’ that will be a space where members of the community can chat with no judgement and get whatever they need off their chest.

A huge positive of this initiative is that there will be a month-long set of challenges that will encourage members of the online server to team up with each other, complete objectives and raise awareness for men’s mental health. Furthermore, Raven will be inviting professional players and popular content creators to take part in the initiative to help those who struggle with burnout and the pressures of being a streamer.

Sam Wells, Managing Director at Raven said: “We wanted to support an important cause that we feel is very significant in our industry.

“We have created a culture at Raven where my colleagues can open up and talk about what’s going on in their lives. We want to capture that and create the same environment in our Discord for the new ‘join party chat’ channel where we will be setting challenges and encouraging members to party up to raise awareness for mental health.”

The impact on content creators

Video game streamers across Twitch, TikTok, YouTube and other live streaming platforms are burning out and logging off. Unlike many other workers, they don’t have benefits or structured resources to fall back on. 

This becomes a downward spiral with streamers having fewer breaks and holidays which results in gamers not taking the important time they need to regenerate their system.

The concern for streamers is that they can’t rely on paid vacation or sick leave since they are self-employed. Streamers are worried that they may lose viewers if they take much needed breaks and this leaves them wondering how to navigate making an income without employee benefits when a holiday is needed. This can result in significant stress and exhaustion.

Making a positive impact on our community

Statistics show that globally, on average, 1 man dies by suicide every minute of every day. This is why it’s crucial that there are coping mechanisms in place that focus on prevention, early intervention and health promotion.

Raven has utilised their Discord group as a way of getting people engaged and talking, one of the categories is focused on mindset and wellbeing which gives inspirational daily quotes, podcasts and a place to celebrate and share your wins.

The charity Movember posted about the importance of men establishing social connections on their website.

“The issue of suicide is incredibly complex. But we know this: improving overall mental health and helping men establish better social connections can reduce the risk of suicide. 

“And so that’s our mission. To get there, we’re uniting experts, funding bold new approaches and embracing fresh perspectives.

“Men need to be able to access support in their communities and where they’re comfortable. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.”