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Raven x High School Esports League

Raven x High School Esports League

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Raven have teamed up with the High School Esports League to offer students an exclusive deal which covers the entire suite of esports apparel tools on the Raven Create platform. As a brand that was established from the love of grassroots esports in 2013, we’re no strangers to the requirement of offering a premium service to competitors of the high school scene. Start now by building your own esports apparel or alternatively work with one of our designers to have something created that fits your brief. Finally, launch your store for free on our platform to enable your fellow students, friends and family to purchase your teams apparel!


Use the code “HSEL” at checkout and receive 20% off all made to order products for your high school as well as 100% discount on our custom design service!


Build your high school esports apparel

Use our 3D builder to design and create your own esports products from jerseys to gaming sleeves. Select from a vast range of pre-designed Raven templates, choose your colors and add customization for yourself or your whole high school team all through the online platform.

Work with a Raven designer

Prefer a helping hand from one of our experienced designers or looking for something a little different? We’re offering high schools our custom design service free of charge. Select the products you want us to create, upload your logo and brief and we’ll do the rest!

Launch your teams store

Whether you’ve created your products on our 3D builder or through our custom design service, you can launch your high school’s esports store directly from your account dashboard. Select the products you want to go live and with one click you can create your very own ecommerce store to sell to family and friends!