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Team Notorious

Team Notorious was started in 2018 with a goal in mind to bring individuals to a team and showcase their talent. There is a ton of talent out there but the networking and growing can be difficult. Team Notorious’ plan is to grow a community of content creators and assist them with tools and support to grow their passions. This has been a long road as our plan is to piece together quality people. In June of 2023, we launched Kingdom RP. Kingdom RP is a FiveM community that differs from the rest with a goal for quality over quantity and a truly strong community. KRP is now one of the fastest growing communities on the platform and has plenty of content creators getting to showcase their platform within the community. It has helped many streamers reach new personal records and have a community backing to their content. This though, is only the beginning of our goal to help creators around the world reach new heights within the industry. Our plan to grow as a brand, community, and those a part of it will lead to much more including competitive teams and tournaments.