Welcome to the Puretide Program run by Top ITC player 2021 Kyle Grundy who has played only Tau for over 20 years. I have gained a wealth of experience in the 15 years of playing in the competitive scene ranging from UKTC, ITC, WTC and now GW Open series. I have recently been a coach for Vanguard tactics and also made the top 16 players in the UK to play and practice with Team England. I have set this community up because I wanted to create an enviroment specifically to offer Tau coaching and services that allow players to enjoy using their army to the best of their potiential. Tau is very rewarding army to play but also can be very frustrating to newer players as this army requires a lot of finesse. My personal professional background has always been around coaching and developing people to achieve their goals and provide them the necessary tools to aid them on their journey. I focus on coaching fundemental behaviours and let the results look after themselves. I look forward to expanding this Discord to become the ONLY Tau community anyone ever wants to be a part of. Thank you for taking the time to supoort me in this new adventure and look forward to welcoming you on board. Visit the store below to sign up to the discord