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team eosinic

In 2020, somewhere in the chaos of the Call of Duty lobbies, Team eO was born. Having revolutionized a unique and entertaining way to compete and put out content, eO set itself apart from the rest of the player base and teams. Team eO proceeded to pave the way for gaming entertainment by gamers to record their competitive gameplay and create content to be shared on the internet. After dominating the TikTok gaming space in Call of Duty, the transition to Esports was seamless. Holding onto the content values, eO was able to link the fanbase and the competitive teams in a way some other organizations have not done before.   Team Eosinic continued to lead the scene for content and competition in the Call of Duty scene, taking eO from just a simple group of gamers to a household name in the TikTok stages of Esports and the rest is history.