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Artemis Esports

Artemis E-Sports, was founded by ATR in 2020. In May of 2022, the owner of eO, SmokeDelivured, decided it was best to disband eO and merged his team with Artemis. This team was without a doubt the best until members split, created different teams, and made different friendships. Come August, Artemis disbanded their team and merged with newly created Z3RO, with Auriel, a former Artemis member. Come October 2022, multiple former Artemis members left Z3RO and most moved on and focused more on content creation. But, Founder of Artemis, ATR, and Owner, Glaiizy, still had some thoughts to bring back AE. Mid-October came up fast and both of them decided Artemis Esports was back in business, or as some called it, Artemis Reborn. There were multiple changes to the Discord server, many different Managers, Artemis officially came back November 4th, 2022. The messages just kept piling up on the Managers for possible roster spots. After gaining almost 50 team members over the course of about a month, Artemis was officially reborn. Come January 2023, Artemis has lost some team members and many doubted us, but Artemis prevailed. But, what many don’t think is that there’s always a bottom spot, but don’t forget that top spot can be takn at anytime.