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Work with our professional design team to produce your very own team apparel designs! We’ll produce a high quality presentation image (as featured in our Showcase) for your jersey and the vector file that will allow you to print with Raven at any time.

Please enter either your Email Address or Skype username below. We will contact you within 24 working hours and get started on the design process. We will stay in regular contact with you throughout this process and work until you are 100% happy with the outcome. We aim to complete our custom designs in no more than 5 days.

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Jersey Design, Hoodie design, Jacket design

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  1. Samara (verified owner)

    If you’re like me, you’re the kind of person who hesitates to make any kind of financial decision without first having a second opinion. Reviews seem a little hard to come by in the custom jersey market, so I had to make sure to get mine out there: go ahead, pick You won’t be disappointed, and the finished product is worth every penny.

    After providing a little bit of information about my goals for the design, the designer who was helping me (Sam, he’s great) completely blew me away with an amazing design that met and exceeded my vision. The mockup was clean, unique, vivid and professionally presented. A great design company can bring your ideas to life, and absolutely breathed life into mine–and on the first try, at that.

    Besides the amazing design work, however, I was also incredibly pleased with how delightful’s customer service was. While I was in no rush, any gaps in communication were acknowledged and apologized for (even though, in my opinion, those gaps were miniscule at worst, haha). Sam was professional, polite and friendly. He was very receptive to any ideas I had, and even found a great work-around to an element in the design that I was feeling a little conflicted on and almost would’ve left out. Thanks, Sam!

    I will absolutely be coming back to in the future, and I highly recommend choosing them if you’re shopping around for designers.

  2. Hugo (verified owner)

    I had my doubts about buying a custom design at first, but once i saw the first concept made by Sam. That was the moment i realised this was a good decision. I really thank Sam for his ideas and work. Even helped me with the Measures of the jersey and what would be best for me.

    Best Regards,

  3. LeverageL1 (verified owner)

    Back in March of this year I decided to take on the idea of getting some Jerseys made. What I would like to do is breakdown what I think about Sam and as a whole.

    Skilled | It is clear after the first concept that you have made the right choice. With little information (Prefered colours) what you get is something that makes you sit back and think “ok cool lets try this” after replying to the email what you get back is exactly what you were thinking.

    Professional | Professionalism is 10/10. You can tell by the emails that Sam is genuinely interested in what you think and this makes you confident in shooting them an email with your ideas.

    Email Response | They don’t stuff around, usually emails come back within a day or 2. There was one occasion where they were very busy and this was explained to me and I was more then happy to wait a couple of days to get the next concept.

    Patience | This needs to be added! From start to finish it took us 3 months and 8 concepts to get to our finished product. Not once was I rushed and looking back this is a great thing to see. Most places would want to get it done and move on but not these guys.

    Final Design | We are so happy with our final design it looks amazing and the overall experience of working with Sam and Raven has been 100% positive. You will not go wrong by choosing these guys thanks again mate.

  4. AustinParamotor (verified owner)

    My company based out of Texas ordered a large amount of custom shirts for some of our customers and team pilots. On an order so big I was a bit worried how the quality was going to be on them when they showed up. I was also wondering how Raven’s service was going to be. They custom made an amazing design very quickly and adjusted the corrections we needed to the shirt design without hassle or delay. The jerseys arrived quickly and the quality was Extremely nice. Just what we were looking for. Professional Product and service all around…even to a company on the other side of the world. We will definitely order more soon! Thank you !!